H.I.S. Baskets, Beads and More
was inspired by a desire to encourage others. As the word says, dreams and visions will manifest in the end times (Acts 2:17) and this was truly the case.
The Message Baskets:
Each basket is specifically named by inspiration, shares the love of Jesus and the scripture that confirms it. As the baskets are designed, prayer is offered in behalf of the one that will receive it. As in any hand crafted item, each basket has a design pattern but the end result will be varied. Every basket comes with a card attached that carries the message in writing and the scripture reference is burned into the basket reed. There are beads and charms attached to select of the baskets.

Please remember that
H.I.S. Baskets, Beads and More is not only about the baskets and beads, it’s about the more;  "More" being the message that is attached to the item,  the inspiration that formed the creation of it.
As the designers, we pray that when you purchase our designs you will also agree with us in prayer that the receiver, whether it be yourself or another, will be encouraged and strengthened in their lives.
We have hope through Jesus Christ and it is our joy to spread that hope through these small gifts that we have created. The message baskets carry God's word and will stand as a reminder of the message that comes with them. This is a wonderful way to share your faith with others and we believe you will be touched as you see and read about them. We  also believe you will be inspired by the Holy Spirit as to those in your life who need to hear each specific message.  Use these baskets as a way to share the Gospel with those in your life.

Blessings be upon you as you share the message and as you love as He first loved us.

Check back often as new baskets are being added often as the Lord inspires us.

Isaiah 61

ET Everett and Renea Stokes